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Wednesday, December 1, 2021
About .NetGlobal (DotNetGlobal)
At .Net Global, you will never be just another forgotten technology customer. During our 11 years in this business, we have seen our share and we can assure you that our clients come first.  Our unique blend of people and technology skills will leave you with a great sense that there is a company that can effectively handle your technology needs in a human way.  From concept to completion, .Net Global will guide you through the maze, providing you with easy to use tools that you can use to dynamically control your websites and databases, keeping your content, data, or product inventory up-to-date, will insure your visitors will return again and again.

Today, .Net Global had expanded into the financial and accounting field to cater individuals and businesses with problems and/or with regular needs on their bookkeeping or entire accounting cycle, finance, payroll and taxes. CPA’s and well-experienced professionals are there to go hand in hand with our clients and walk with them all the way, rain or shine.  We value and preserve the sacredness of Confidentiality making sure that all financial and non-financial information do not leak. 

.Net Global (formally DotNet International) was founded in 1996 and has worked with companies such as Symantec, Netcom (the largest ISP in the 90's) and Foreman Interactive (founders of Register.com).  Forming a close relationship with non-profit organizations has allowed .Net Global to bring some of the more civilized components of society to the Internet. This also has contributed to the longevity of the company which continues to be a privately held corporation.
It may sound cliché, but at .Net Global the customer DOES come first. It is instilled in each project that quality comes before profit. This philosophy is the cornerstone of the company and will insure it's endurence in this highly competitive industry.

Please contact us if you would like references from our customers.
Our Facilities

Our Facility .Net Global is located at 801 International Parkway, Heathrow, Flordia 32746, just outside of Orlando along Central Florida's technology row.
Our Servers & Data Center We maintain our own Web, File, Hosting, E-Mail, DNS, and Database servers. Our offices and our data center are located in the same facility so that any problems can be fixed immediately.  All of our servers reside in a secure, state-of-the-art data center and are backed up daily.

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