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Wednesday, December 1, 2021
From Concept... Design & Aesthetics

Web Concept Designs, Web Graphics and PresentationThe first step to creating a great web site is to design the look and feel.  After providing us with a clear idea of your expected outcome, we will present to you varying design concepts.  We will then make design revisions until a final design is chosen.  The design is then transfered into a site 'Skin' or template giving your site a unified look and feel.  

Content Management... Manage Your Site Content from a Browser

Content Managment Systems and Web Publishing


A Web content management system allows Web site owners to update and maintain Web content without the need for HTML or development skills.  Using a simple browser-based editor, site owners can publish text, pictures, links, documents and a variety of other content to their site without the need for a web developer, greatly reducing the overall cost of a dynamic website.   This allows site owners to keep their site information up-to-date and their customers well informed. 

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