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Wednesday, December 1, 2021
Accounting Services

Our Best Rates for Year 2014:

Hire us for your 2014 Tax Filing and get 50% Off
      from your old Accounting & Tax Service provider rate
Bookkeeping starts @$9.00/hr.

Personal Income Tax starts @$10.00/year                              Contact: Mary Farrell, CPA
Business Income Tax starts @50.00/year                                Tel/CP No.: +1 (407) 314-8564
Payroll starts @5.00/person per payroll period                          E-mail: mary@weuse.net

2 Pricing Types:

1. Hourly - will bill you for the work hours that we spent on the rate that was agreed upon before commencing the project.

2. Package Deal - example: monthly accounting process with reports, pure bank reconciliations, and so on. This is based on best   estimates total amount that we will agree upon.

Who We Service For 

Sole Proprietorships                                                                          
C Corporations
S Corporations
Limited Liability Companies (LLC)
Non-Profit Organizations

Our Services

I.  Main Processes & Reports 
Financial Statement (Profit & Loss)
Financial Statement (Balance Sheet)
Financial Statement (Cash Flow)
Payroll Entries 
Depreciation Entries
Loan Amortization Entries
Depreciation Calculation
Loan Amortization Maintenance
Sales and Receipts Recording
Payables and Payments Recording
Invoice and Billing Preparation
Other Financial Reports
Other Adjusting and Accruals

II.  Special Processes & Reports 
Accounting Manual Creation
Accounts Reconciliation
Bank Reconciliation
Budget Preparation
Costing for Construction
Costing for Manufacturing
Costing for Trading Business
Costing for Service Business
Credit Card Reconciliation
General Journal Audit
General Ledger Audit
Inter-company Accounts Recon
Internal Audit
Setup -  Complete Accounting
Setup - Beginning Balances
Setup - Chart of Accounts
Setup - Customers
Setup - Suppliers/Vendors
Other Accounts Analysis

III.  Taxation (Federal, State, Local) (Monthly, Quarterly, Annual)
Individual Income Tax
Business Income Tax
Payroll Taxes 
   - Social Security
   - Medicare
   - Federal Income Tax
   - FUTA/Re-employment Tax
Sales/Use Tax
Estimated Tax
Excise Tax
Other Taxes

IV.  Payroll 
Other Pay Periods 

Be a wise business owner that you can be. 

Try our personalized accounting, taxes and payroll service; and see how you cut your overwhelming overhead expenses.

Nowadays, if you don't know how to change when opportunity of saving exist, your business is crawling to survive or you may be wasting money of paying that much. A wise business owner knows how to switch may it be goods or services that he is currently using, and try the new one with similar quality and/or output.

2 Easy Process to Get Started:

1.) Let us agree the scope of service and rate. Submit to us all your needs and what you expect, then we will get back to you and discuss.

2.) Once we close the deal in No. 1 above, all you have to do is save your transaction documents in your computer and we will get it remotely if you permit us. Or, if you don't want us to get in into your computer, send the documents to us via e-mail or courier.

If you are using quickbooks online or other accounting software, just let us get in and we will work there if you wish. For those who want to avail our Free Desktop Quickbooks, it is all free and well running.

Try us and see!



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